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You are on a journey...

We all are, actually. Sometimes, that journey may be going smoothly only to be interrupted by a transition, a new stress, or an old habit or pattern.

Maybe it’s something that you really wanted, like a new job or new relationship, but now you’re having trouble adjusting to the new responsibilities that come with it.

Maybe it’s something that happened to you a long time ago, something that you thought was “dealt with” but is now showing up again in different ways.

Maybe you’re frustrated by the direction your life is going, feeling like you’re just being “swept along” by the current but you want to take more control over your journey.

Maybe you want a place to examine your life and look for those old patterns that are holding you back and weighing you down.

Maybe you’re struggling with feelings of depression, sadness, or inadequacy, worries that you’re “not good enough.”

There comes a time when you need someone to help you...

Psychotherapy isn’t “navel gazing,” and it isn’t like just talking to a friend. Psychotherapy is real work. It takes a commitment to examining your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and your history. It’s a process of looking at what things are holding you back, why they are there and where they came from, and then developing new ways of thinking and acting.

Our role is to be an objective partner in this process - someone who will listen for patterns in how you think and act so that we can then help you recognize them and change them for the better. We can help you learn new tools and ways of thinking. We can help you decide what’s working for you, and what’s not. In addition to their training in clinical psychology, Dr. Aaron and Dr. Lauren both have Masters degrees in Theology, and thus are open and sensitive to issues concerning spirituality. Our goal is to see you as a whole person so that we can help you to live to your full potential!

Typically, psychotherapy sessions are once a week, although there can be flexibility around scheduling. How long the process goes will depend on many factors, and we are always happy to talk with you about how you feel the work is going.

Interested in talking with us about psychotherapy? Please click here to email us or call us at 604-730-0808.
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